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Haiti Meal Packing Event

Oct 18 | 12:00 PM


This past year has been one of civil unrest in Haiti with much protest and violence. Add to that the Covid-19 pandemic, and hunger has reached a critical level. At the Haiti Meal Packing Event that will take place here at BCC, in partnership with Lifeline Christian Mission, on Sunday, October 18 at noon, participants of all ages will package nutritious meals that will be shipped to children and families in Haiti who are being impacted by hunger and malnutrition. We wonder what we can possibly do to touch someone's life in a positive way with such distance between us. Here is your opportunity! We're asking you to give two hours of your time and donate $25, a portion of the cost for each participant, to pack meals for the hungry in Haiti. Register at the table in the foyer at church or online today. If you are not able to participate, you can sponsor others by donating to the Generosity Project for the month of September. We hope you will join us. Thank you .


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