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Bright Christian Church Ski Club



Sign up now to get discounted rates on your Perfect North Slopes Season Pass through Bright Christian Ski Club. You can purchase passes for 30% off the regular price now through November 8th! Follow these on-line instructions to get your season pass at a discounted rate until November 8th! 1) Go to:, 2) Select "Club Log-In" located at the bottom of the home page, 3) Select "Bright Christian" from the ABC chart, 4) Type in the user name: bright, 5) Type in the password: encore, 6) Use the 3-line menu in the upper left corner to sign in, 7) Select the pass you would like to purchase, 8) Agree to Liability Release, 9) Continue to follow the on-line instructions, 10) Your personal password is not the same as our club password .

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