Succession Plan

Succession Update: GOOD NEWS!

The first day of each month has been designated as a day of focus, prayer, and fasting for our Succession Journey. We want to update you on some specific ways you can be praying for this process.

We have made some significant progress this month in our Succession Journey. In the past weeks and months, our elders have been meeting with our top three candidates, all well-qualified to serve as our next Lead Minister. Through interviews, discussions, and much prayer the elders met last week and have come to a unanimous conviction that God is directing us to one of the candidates that we believe would be the best-suited to join us in the labor at Bright.
We want to proceed through this search process with this individual, seeking confirmation on God’s call for this man to be our next Lead Minister. In early February, he and his wife met with the BCC Elders, along with their wives. He and his wife will also meet with the BCC Staff to spend time together.

The next steps would follow in March, with our Lead Minister candidate and his wife spending a weekend in Bright. On Saturday, March 7, we would offer two Receptions held in the Sports & Fitness Center (one in the afternoon & one in the evening), in which the BCC family could come and meet our prospective new Lead Minister and his family. Sunday, March 8, he would preach at both services, followed by a congregational vote of approval (at the end of each service) in which Bright Christian Church members provide a written affirmation of calling this individual.

He and his wife would then evaluate their experience that it confirms to them that God is calling them to BCC, then he would accept the invitation to come to Bright. After concluding his current ministry, he would start here with Jeff assisting with a gradual transition (several-month hand-off), preparing the new Lead Minister to assume the full duties. There would be a special service celebrating Jeff’s ministry at Bright (and his 41 years of faithful ministry) at which “the baton” will be formally handed off. At that time, Jeff will be given a 2-month sabbatical, he will step down as an elder, and then return as a full-time Teaching Minister on staff at Bright.

Thank you for your prayers as we continue to navigate through the Succession Journey. We can see God has faithfully been guiding us each step of the way!

Message From Jeff Stone, Lead Minister

“Early this year I approached the elders and spoke about the desire I had to change roles here at the church and work into a transition in the near future. This year I have completed 40 years of ministry, turned 60, and have found great joy in our two grandchildren. The combination of those events led me to the decision that I would like to take on a ministry role where I could continue to serve the Lord in ministry, with less of the senior leader duties and pressures, for another five years or so before retiring.

The elders unanimously asked me to continue serving at Bright in another ministry capacity after transitioning from the Lead Minister by remaining on staff in the role of Teaching Minister. They felt this would enable me to further apply my spiritual passion and ministry gifts, while building on the relationships that have been established here over the last 10 years. This new support role would be specifically crafted to meet some existing needs within our church. At that time, the BCC elders enlisted a coach to consult with us who has experience in effecting successful transitions of senior leaders, Dr. Gary Johnson. Having gone through a similar transition himself and having written a book on succession planning entitled Leadershift, Gary now leads the Effective Elder (e2) network headquartered in Indianapolis, coaching thousands nationally.

Our elders have been meeting with Gary throughout this calendar year, learning how to positively, seamlessly make that healthy transition into a new Lead Minister. A lot of prayer, planning, and instruction have gone into this Journey. ‘Succession is a Journey, not an event,’ Gary has impressed on us. We’ve sought the wisdom of those who have traveled this transition road successfully. Over the coming months we will work to identify Bright’s next Lead Minister, hire him, make an intentional hand-off of roles, and complete that transfer of leadership in the future.

Today we are initiating a search for our future Lead Minister. We don’t know exactly how long that process will take—It may be 12 months or 18 months, we are uncertain of course, since it depends on God’s timing and preparation of the successor. Today we want to inform the church family that our Succession Plan has been launched and is in motion. The process involves the entire church family in prayer, supporting the search for a new Lead Minister. We want you to understand and be aware of it. Most of all, we invite you to support the transition with your prayers. We believe this can be a great opportunity with an influx of new ideas and approaches. Someone fresh stepping into this role can provide added energy and vigor to the good work taking place at Bright.

We are looking forward to God guiding us through The Journey and we want you to be prayer partners and engage with us as an integral part of this prayer process. The most important time in a relay race is the passing of the baton. Our goal is to execute a smooth hand-off from a seasoned leader, who has faithfully served the church, to an energetic new visionary intent on leading the church into an exciting new future. May these upcoming months of transition provide exciting growth, even before the new leader hits the ground running.”

Jeff Stone
Lead Minister


We are preparing for a Transition in leadership roles at Bright Christian Church. Jeff Stone, our Lead Minister of ten years, is desiring to change from the chair of senior leadership and move into a new capacity of continuing impact with different duties on the support staff at Bright. The Elders have unanimously invited Jeff to continue serving at Bright in a new capacity as Teaching Minister on staff continuing to harness Jeff’s ministry gifts and provide coverage for some areas of ministry needs with this new position.

We are on a “Journey” to identify the next man to sit in the Lead Minister chair at Bright Christian Church. We are conducting a national search seeking applicants for consideration, one of whom will make the transition into the position of being our next Lead Minister, as Jeff “changes seats” into the role of Teaching Minister. (See Teaching Minister - Job Description below.)

Prayer Partnership - We firmly believe that God is preparing the next Lead Minister for Bright. We want to invite the church family to make this search process a matter of daily prayer for the Lord’s guidance, provision, and blessing on this entire transition. As a church we are pledging to make the first day of each month a day for ongoing prayer, fasting (from a meal or technology), and seeking the Lord’s leading for His next leader in this transition Journey into the next chapter for BCC.


We are seeking an individual with previous leadership experience willing to invest into an exciting ministry opportunity to serve in an inter-generational church that is determined to live out our Mission to Love God. Love People. Impact the World.

We seek a Lead Minister who will Love People, displaying grace and diplomacy, who will be evangelistic, with a genuine passion for the lost. He will possess integrity, high moral character, and be respected by the church and those in the community who have yet to come to Christ.

Minimum Requirements:
  • > Restoration Movement Values
  • > Bachelor’s Degree
  • > Embrace BCC’s Mission Statement
  • > Have 3-5 Years’ Experience Leading a Multi-Staff
  • > Live in Dearborn County
  • > Develop Annual Goals for Church/Staff
  • > Serve With a Global Mission Mindset
  • > Ability to Inspire Others to Live Out Our Mission
  • > Sense a Calling to Ministry
Ideal Requirements:
  • > Christian Church College Graduate
  • > Master’s Degree in Ministry
  • > Extend BCC’s Mission Statement
  • > Have 10 Years’ Experience Leading a Multi-Staff
  • > Live in the Bright Community
  • > Proven Track Record of Such at Current Church
  • > Have Mission Trip Experience
  • > Ability to Inspire Others Dealing with Specific Cultural Challenges (e.g. Drug Epidemic, etc.)
  • > Sense a Calling to Bright Christian Church


Bright is an unincorporated southeastern Indiana community of 5693 residents, 1770 households, covering an area of 13 square miles (2010 census). It serves as a bedroom community for those who work in the Greater Cincinnati area and enjoy the advantages of living in the friendly setting of rural Dearborn County. Perfect North Slopes (ski resort) and Hidden Valley Lake recreational community are nearby. The 3 closest school systems are Sunman Dearborn, Harrison ‘s Southwest School system, and Lawrenceburg Schools in nearby Lawrenceburg, Indiana.


History of BCC, Bright operates with a value of external focus, striving to impact her local community, as well as emphasizing a strong involvement and support of global mission work. We are an inter-generational church with an average worship attendance in the 700s. For over 120 years Bright Christian Church has faithfully adhered to the Bible as our guide and worked to restore New Testament Christianity. Like many churches, BCC is going through a season of challenge culturally and is seeking to reverse the national tendency of churches plateauing or in decline. A strong commitment to evangelism is a value we wish to continue in our new Lead Minister. We intentionally serve families in our community via Bright Christian Preschool, which we host in our building. Our newly opened Sports & Fitness Center is designed as an outreach tool to build relationships through athletics that will continue into eternity.


To respond with an application, prospective candidates may attach a resume, references, and video links of them speaking two recent messages at the button below. Electronic correspondence will be directed to Linda Andry, Office Manager, and will be treated with confidentiality. The Elders at Bright will be serving as the Search Team and will respond to applicants throughout this process to communicate ongoing interest in or to convey the information when a candidate is no longer being considered.

Apply Now


-To contribute to the overall mission of Bright to “Love God. Love People. Impact the World.” with Jeff continuing to serve BCC in a ​ full-time ministry role providing support for outreach, discipleship, care, and encouragement.

-ABF on Sunday mornings
-Lead a Life Group
-Study with prospective Christians

-Speak in Sunday morning worship at least once per quarter

-Hospital & jail visits

-Organize bi-monthly trip or event

-Provide preliminary counseling and make referrals